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I have installed new ink cartridges , taken the printhead out and cleaned it. Please advise me where I can purchase a replacement print head. Micro center no longer sales Kodak printers…… I am stuck. I do realize that Kodak is a very large company and in the business to make money. Sometime the camera icon will turn on green and then yellow and go off. Your email address will not be published. Post Your Comment Below:

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Contact Kodak Customer Service

I rarely post bad reviews because I like to help companies with kodxk input, but found the ESP to be an all out racket. But is their a way I can trade my Z for a camera that works? No kodak esp c315 aio xps carry this type of card anymore. I let Naresha how much I appreciated how great he was and there are not a lot a customer service reps like him.

We would like to purchase it by telephone if possible. He ran me through the tests to see what my problem could be.

Contact Kodak Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

This is why the company offers a multitude of ways to remain connected to the customer service department. I sent 3 emails to Kodak customer service and 2 phone calls, yet they still have not given me any instructions on where to send for warranty repair. I talk to overpeople every day, all over the world And I will giving you the worst advertising you have ever had and I and my family will never kodak esp c315 aio xps buy any thing from you ever again. And I survived them all!

My later wife paid for EZ aip software and bought a compute3r for edp for my B-Day that year. I first called the number on your web site, to then be given a different number to contact.

I have been trying to purchase kodak esp c315 aio xps cartridge for my Kodak esp c315 aio xps docking station it is a G God knows how much I have spent on phone calls, customer service say they will call back and never do, can you please tell me where I can get some as my staion has only had one cartridge in it. I have a Kodak ESP 3. After spending a couple of hours trying to send you an on-line form and getting absolutely nowhere, here it is: I tried to get my second Easy Share Z fixed which was impossible, because the parts are no longer made.

It has stopped working. I talked to support center in India but they are useless. CR-V3 My camera will turn on for a few seconds and then goes off. I cannot find part anywhere. I am never buying another Kodak product again. The service number of my printer is HO, this could be supplied with printer ink as well, colour and black and white Please help!!!!!! I use my printer for everything and to have this sent for no charge right now is great.

You kodak esp c315 aio xps put your hours on your site and you could also put the hours on the annoying recorded bot message, but instead you just state you are now closed, please call back during normal business kodak esp c315 aio xps And thank you for making such a great product. I am really annoyed. The worst customer service in the world. After owning one for over three years if you are looking to purchase kovak Kodak all in one printer I would greatly suggest you look else where.

Where can i get the spare? I have never ever been so disappointed in a once great company as I am with C31. Customers can find new products and accessories. Once you select the applicable kodak esp c315 aio xps, you will have the ability to send feedback, questions or concerns.

I kid you not. When you click on the radio buttons, it asks to close the webpage. Unfortunately, it was the wrong ink cartridges. Four printed sheets for one black cartridge? I bought a Playfull compact underwater video camera and it stopped working after 15 seconds of us on our vacation. What ever they think will get you off the Phone they say it.

I need to know where I can get a schematic or something that will tell me what a certain part is called. They do not know who will fix it under the warranty I paid them for. After selecting the option to speak with a customer care agent, the automated system stated the anticipated wait time was 59 minutes. I have a kodakesp kodak esp c315 aio xps series, and the green on button flashes constantly, and it says to clear cartridge jam.

I could rebuy one of these printers per year. Can your depatment help to find that part. We sent an email regarding service centers in the local area. I am tired of buying your product and getting nothing back. I was calling to obtain a mailing address to send the damaged flashlight. For more es; years, Kodak has been delivering some of the most kodak esp c315 aio xps products and service on the market.

I have tried for almost an hour to contact Kodak headquarters for an address of phone number that will inform me of where I can send an Easy Share camera which I received as a gift for repair or replacement. How am Kodak esp c315 aio xps to contact you on my camera problem? Thanks for you help. I print maybe pages per year and the printer eats up the c135 to the tune of about 1 full set We called the customer care line and managed through the less than confusing automated system.

Awaiting a favorable response. Would you please suggest about the kodak esp c315 aio xps way to do that. The guide that came with the camera is useless!!!!!!!!!!!