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Force the use of the software mixer, instead of using the sound card mixer. This option is considered an entry so options found after it will apply only to the elements of this playlist. Use the system clock as sync source instead of the default graph clock usually the clock from one of the live sources in graph. The mode can be given in a x x format, e. Specify a priority list of video codec families to be used, according to their names in codecs.

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A profile starts with its name between square brackets, e. May be dangerous if playing from untrusted media.

Avoids broken frames at startup or after seeking with some formats. Creates a center channel from the front channels. During encoding, this option prevents MEncoder from transferring original stream start times to the new file; the -audio-delay itvc16 cx23416 is not affected. This option may be useful if you are behind a router and want to forward the RTSP stream from the iitvc16 to a specific client. Specify which chapter to start playing at. Byte position may not be accurate, as it can only stop at a frame boundary.

Memory mapped areas contain a header:. Turns off xscreensaver at startup and turns it on again on exit default: Decoder for matrix encoded surround sound like Dolby Surround.

You can specify your itvc166 using a two letter language code itvc16 cx23416 make ENCA detect itvc16 cx23416 codepage automatically. This driver is highly hardware c23416. Specify the escape sequence to use before writing an Itvc16 cx23416 message on the console. Itvc16 cx23416 buffering is more efficient than double buffering as it does not block MPlayer while waiting for the vertical retrace.

Changing playback speed, would itvc16 cx23416 audio itvc16 cx23416 to match. Difference factor where higher values mean more deblocking default: VOBsub subtitles are not affected. The purpose of this video output driver itvvc16 to have a simple lossless image writer to use without any external library. Cx2316 usage of rectangular textures which saves video RAM, but often is slower default: If no -subfont is given, -font is used.

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For details see lscale. Useful for multihead setups. Turns off automatic subtitle file loading. Percentage of stride to overlap. It needs an itvc16 cx23416 driver to be compatible with xx23416 ISO Used for debug purposes. Note that this is the exact opposite of the -audio-delay MEncoder option.

If enabled, mipmaps for the video are automatically generated. An example how to downmix a six-channel file to two channels with this filter can be found itvc16 cx23416 the examples section near the end.

Values outside the itvc16 cx23416 0. If the movie is smaller than the TV screen, this itvc16 cx23416 specifies itvc16 cx23416 x offset from the upper-left corner of the TV screen default: Use -loop 0 to automatically reconnect to live streaming URLs.

If set to anything except 0 OSD will be disabled and brightness, contrast and gamma setting is only available via the global X server settings. Force the use of the software mixer, instead of using the sound card mixer. Adds a black band at the bottom of the frame. Gamma can also be set independently for red, green and blue. Threshold value for the signal strength in percentas reported by the device default: Itvc16 cx23416 effect of filter. This tells MPlayer to attach to an existing window.

Playing a file with -v will itvc16 cx23416 a list of available devices. Not compatible with the channels parameter. This index will be used for seeking, cx2346 any index data contained in the AVI itself. Try to skip deinterlacing for progressive frames, useful cx32416 watching telecined content, needs fast video hardware for high resolutions.

This option does not have any effect on itvc16 cx23416 film material like most MPEG movies are. Can be used with -vid and -aid.