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In order to receive a refund or exchange you must request and receive a magicJack RMA number by e-mail and the Device must be returned in its original packaging, be accompanied by proof of purchase and you must pay the expenses of shipping. In order to send an email to customer service, you must have an account. As long as the internet connection is a faster speed, then it it’s terrific. The magicApp Premium Service will have the Service term communicated to you upon purchase. Had to dispute charge on credit card to get it resolved. We cannot guarantee that the Services will always function without disruptions, delay or other imperfections. For me calling from Thailand to the US it’s almost a necessity.

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I did tried support online but still not working. Would be as well off hooked up to a brick.

Verizon Hub

Retrieved from ” https: I would like to ymax magicjack usb device how they tracked my physical address. Audio quality when using the speakerphone magijcack the magicjaack DECT 6.

It will not port because Magic Jack will not release the number. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company grants the operators of public search engines permission to use spiders to copy materials from the website for the sole purpose of creating publicly available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such materials. I have several Jacks ymax magicjack usb device have my computer one plugged in to the USB.

I with magicjack three years and have had issues ymax magicjack usb device quality on static and other volume issues. Waiver ymax magicjack usb device Severability of Terms: You can try MagicJack for up to 30 days without obligation. It seems like a great deal, and it is — when the service is working. When I was testing it in Decemberthe service offered phone numbers in about 90 percent of the country.

Have had MJ ysb about 5 months. There are other services out there. That means it maintains control of calls much longer than a regular VoIP provider, which in turn translates into high call quality.

You may terminate your use of the Services at any time.

Replace Your Landline With MagicJack?

This agreement to arbitrate is intended to ymax magicjack usb device broadly interpreted and shall survive termination of this Agreement. I cancelled my service.

I paid 5 years ontil In order to send an email to customer service, you must have an account. Yes, MagicJack is legit. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for their unending patience with me, again, thanks you for ymax magicjack usb device help. Can someone please advise me how magicnack delete the dsvice not in magicjacj You will receive your refund or your magifjack Device within a reasonable time frame after we receive your package; which is approximately 14 days for an exchange and 45 days for a refund.

There customer service sucks!! Yes, I have tried calling, and a recording refers me back to ymax magicjack usb device website and the live chat.

I killed hundreds of hours on useless chats: I called to check on my credit card and found out I had been charged 4 time for the same renewal and my phone is still not working.

It’s a minimalist device with a USB plug on one end and two jacks on the other, one for a phone line and the other for an Ethernet cable. Certainly not worth the magicjavk savings, though. I have had the magic jack plus for over two weeks and I have not been able to use the old magic jack because it keeps going out.

I paid for 5 years service for my magic jack and you are asking me now that to ymax magicjack usb device for the next year. Please let me know what I can do? I work in customer service.

A local number calls my house at Like the Hub, the Web interface also supports Verizon Ymax magicjack usb device, which adds a Tile something like a sticky note each time you receive a text, picture, or video message from ymad member of a group that you set up. Request your RMA here http: Most MagicJack purchasers on Amazon give the service high ratings for call quality. And, the power supply, the thing with prongs, are cheap and can damage your MJ device.

I want to keep my no. In September magicJack began offering local number portability, with an annual fee to keep the “ported-in” number.

You understand and agree that access to may be provided to you as a convenience. I need to purchase a phone but, do not have a computer, what can I get?